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Our Services

Cloud and Physical: Infrastructure-as-Code

With years of experience managing large-scale infrastructure deployments, we understand the importance of automation, testing, and monitoring when running applications at scale. Bithedge can build the solutions you need to take your infrastructure to the next level.

Custom Architecture and Implementations

If you're building your app from the ground up, leverage Bithedge's years of experience in systems architecture-at-scale to plan for future growth. You know you're a unicorn - now show your customers and investors.

Legacy Operational Support

Tech lead just quit and no vacations in sight? We'll work with you - including picking up the pager - to reduce your operational pain. We help you focus on what's important: building your business.

Workflow Consulting

We specialize in helping organizations build workflows for their software development and release process that shorten cycle times, improve feedback cycles, and reduce administrative overhead. All while ensuring the product you deliver is exactly what your customers have grown to love.